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Looking back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
Oct. 20, 1955 —R. O. “Ollie” Camp is the newly elected president of the Kiwanis Club here.
Oct. 20, 1955 —Hubert Mitchell, Hartselle’s number one employer, is the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce’s aggressive new industrial committee. Mitchell is being assisted by Hugh Penn, Ollie Camp, Troy Nunn, D. S. Sivley, L. C. Pattillo, L. H. Houston, Franklin Stewart, and W. H. Stewart.
Oct. 21, 1955 —A public building authority has been formed to oversee construction of Hartselle’s new city hall. It is composed of M. H. Broom, Grady J. Long, and Lloyd E. Logan.
Oct. 21, 1955 —Evelyn Orr and Buford Roberts are teaching the course “Within Two Worlds” to local Methodist women at present.
Oct. 22, 1955 —Deer Springs tourist court and dining room opened today under the management of Garland “Red” Rollins and J. Powers Booth of Hartselle.
Oct. 22, 1955 —Dr. William H. Block, chairman of the board of the Alabama Heart Association, is currently attending the annual meeting of the American Heart Association in New York City. Another Hartselle physician, Dr. W. C. Duncan, is also participating in this meeting.
Oct. 23, 1955 —Rev. Bradford C. Burnett of Appalachia, Va., preached his first sermon today as the new minister of the Hartselle First Christian Church. Rev. Joe Bennett, the previous pastor, resigned his post back in June.
Oct. 23, 1955 —Luther Roberts, salesman with Friedman-Shelby, a division of the International Shoe Company, has been assigned a new territory which makes it much more convenient to start his sales trips from Hartselle.
Oct. 24, 1955 —For the first time since 1949 MCHS is going to have an annual. Its editor will be Nancy Jo Burleson.
Oct. 25, 1955 —Cadet Ralph Pattillo has now returned to Gary Air Force Base at San Marcos, Texas, after spending his leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Pattillo.
Oct. 26, 1955 —The City of Hartselle needs four or five volunteer firemen to augment the existing fire department. The pay is $10, flat, per month. Those interested should contact Fire Chief Henderson, Mayor Burleson, or a councilman.