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By Staff
Abercrombie served board well
I wish to express my gratitude to Ronnie Abercrombie for the professional service he displayed while serving on the school board. To date, he is the only school board member to ever give me straightforward answers (when they were applicable). He has never misled me, when I sought information, and has always been cordial. He has led the school in the proper direction regarding the board. Accumulatively speaking, more has been accomplished in the past three years than many years preceding them together.
Now that Ronnie is no longer on the board, will Jeff Gray demand a "higher standard" of Greg Cain and continue to be a "scorpion with its stinger out?"
Will he lead another ambush charge against others for something they didn't do? Since the dismantling of the school drug policy has begun, how long will it be before the school board says they cannot afford to do it anymore? Will the recipient of the "top resource officer" of the nation answer his phone to me for the first time?
It strikes me as odd that when Kathy White Goodwin's position was up for grabs, one person applied for it, then retracted the application. Now that Ronnie has resigned, I have heard that several have expressed their interest and intent. How odd can that be? One way to stop all these shenanigans is to have an elected board. This would be the only way to hold these people accountable for their actions.
Mike Dowdy