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Ponytails name award winners

By Staff
The Ponytails division of Hartselle's Dixie Girls Softball League handed out team and individuals awards at the conclusion of its regular season June 3.
Poison, a team managed by Jeff Gray and coached by Sport Bennich and Eric Williamson, was recognized as the team with the best overall record. It finished its season with a 12-2 record after defeating Down &Dirty, the runner-up with a 9-6 record, on the final night of the season. Team members were Chelsea Bennich, Meaghan Gray, Joy Harris, Whitney Byford, Mary-Grace Johnson, Olivia McKee, Ashton Pennington, Kenyada Prince, Pashion Wiggins, Alexa Womack and Jasey Nixon.
Other teams and their finish in the standings were: Yellow Jackets, 8-6; Diamond Dust, 7-7; The Untouchables, 6-8; and Seams Xtreme, 1-14.
Two players from each team were singled out by their peers as "Best Team Spirit/Hustle" and "Most Valuable Player."
MVP awards went to Joy Harris (Poison), Abby McHugh (Yellow Jackets), Grace Cain (The Untouchables), Ashley Bonner (Down &Dirty), Allie Hill (Seams Xtreme) and Lindsey Romager (Diamond Dust). Winners of Spirit /Hustle awards were Chelsea Bennich (Poison), Savanne Howard (Yellow Jackets), Katelyn Hill (The Untouchables), Chelsea McCurdy (Down &Dirty), Amber Compton (Seams Xtreme) and Elizabeth Pheny (Diamond Dust).
The Kasey Long Memorial Award, which is voted on by all players, was won by Ali Staudt and Abby McHugh (tie).
Ten players with the highest batting averages for the season were recognized as award recipients.
They were Ashley Bonner (.625), Joy Harris (.594) Meaghan Gray (.565), Chelsea McCurdy (.564), Olivia Golden (.511), Abby McHugh (.486), Jacquie Shadden (.475), Mary Emily Greenhill (.471), Amber Compton (.452) and Chelsea Bennich (.447).
Awards were also presented to the top four pitchers in the league.
They were Ashley Bonner with a 6-3 record and 90 strikeouts in 54 innings; Katie Gentle with a 5-4 record and 122 strikeouts in 59 innings; Abby McHugh with a 6-3 record and 136 strikeouts in 54 innings; and Meaghan Gray with a 10-1 record and 130 strikeouts in 54 innings.
The Ponytails will host a district tournament July 5-9. Chosen as all-stars to represent Hartselle were Chelsea Bennich, Meaghan Gray, Joy Harris, Whitney Byford, Abby McHugh, Ashley Bonner, Katie Gentle, Lindsey Romager, Katelyn Hill, Grace Cain, Meghan Stephenson and Leah Robinson.