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By Staff
Writer thanks fire department
Last Saturday evening, I received a call from a friend who said she had fallen and couldn't get up. She also said "get me some help." I told her I would and went by the police station but the front door was locked. I thought of the fire department and went to the one on East Main Street.
They immediately said they would be there. They followed me to her home and were very professional in helping with her needs. When they found she needed to go to the hospital two firemen went along and she told me later they helped her into bed.
She said they were very nice and I agree. We should be proud of our firemen in helping others as well as attending fires.
Mary Frances McCall
Farmers not treated fairly by city
We farmers have been mistreated. Let me explain why we feel this way
When the Farmers Market was downtown on Hickory Street, a citizen of Hartselle told us we had to move the Farmers Market, that he had bought the parking lot we were stationed on. We moved, not knowing he had lied to us.
The city put us in a bad spot to try to sell our home-grown produce.
When Mayor Dwight Tankersley was running for mayor, he promised us that he would get us moved back where we were on Hickory Street. We believed him. Now that he was elected, he told us that space on Rock Street was public parking. It was public parking when the Farmers Market was there before. I don't think it has changed; the citizens and the council have changed.
We need to elect people for the city that will stick to what they say they will do when they are running for public office.
We farmers need to be treated like humans instead of being mistreated.
On behalf of Morgan County produce growers,
Billy L. Givens