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Cotaco penny drive assists in aid efforts

By Staff
Clif Knight, Hartselle Enquirer
Cotaco students have dug deep in their pockets and piggy banks to come up with $500 for the tsunami disaster relief effort.
A check in that amount was recently picked up by Peyton Tubb, a field worker for the Morgan-Lawrence County Red Cross Chapter.
The idea for the fund-raiser came from a group of fifth graders whose hearts were burdened by the huge loss of lives and property in southeast Asia during the Christmas holiday season, according to Donna Roberts, guidance counselor.
"Some of the students came to my office and asked what they could do to help the tsunami victims," she said. "After we talked about it for awhile, I told them to go back to their classes and come up with a plan. They came back and said they wanted to conduct a penny drive. We prepared a letter together and distributed copies to all students asking for their help. Then, the fifth graders collected donations themselves, going to every classroom every day for a week.
"The students were so generous," she added. "It was obvious that many of them raided their piggy banks and used their allowances to help out.
"These students are to be commended for supporting a very worthwhile cause," Tubb said. "I'm so proud of them and all of the others in our district who have worked for similar projects." She said student fundraisers have accounted for more than $30,000 since the tsunami disaster occurred in late December.
"The national Red Cross goal has been met," she added.
"It makes me feel so good that our students wanted to help," said Hannah Trosper, one of the fundraiser's organizers. "There was such a big need. We felt guilty that they had so little and we have so much."