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Got the winter blahs? Get busy

By Staff
Michelle Blaylock, Mom's Corner
It's been a busy week at the Blaylock's (go figure). Well, it's even been busier than usual because I made two formal dresses last week. I do enjoy sewing, but I cut it awfully close on that one.
Oh, and one piece of advice–if you're running on four hours of sleep, be very careful when ironing your daughter's formal dress. I melted the front of my daughter's dress when I forgot to reset the temperature on the iron. It was five hours until they were to leave for the dance.
I sent my hubby after more material and managed to remake the entire front of her dress. Talk about stress!
Have you ever noticed how some people just look at winter as a time to wait out?
I prefer to look at winter a little differently.
When we lived in northern Indiana (10 miles from the Michigan state line), we had snow on the ground several months out of the year.
In fact, the first year we lived there the first snow fell before Halloween. Our last snow fell in mid-March. I thought I was going to go nuts!
I had lived in southeast Missouri my entire life. In my mind, snow was supposed to melt. You might get more but you were supposed to see the grass, even if it was brown, in-between the snowfalls. Obviously, I had some adjustments to make. I decided I could look at winter as a prison or an opportunity. I choose opportunity.
Here's a short list of opportunities.
How about sorting all those pictures you have stored? This is a great time to put together scrapbooks for other family members out of extra pictures you're not sure what to do with, but don't want to throw away. Scrap booking has become incredibly popular and there are many stores that specialize in it. Some even offer classes with super creative ideas for using those pictures.
How about taking a class to learn a new hobby or just learn something you've always wanted to know about?
Do you want to have a yard sale in spring? If you start now, you can carefully label everything making it more appealing and easier for shoppers.
How about painting the inside of your house? I know many people wait until spring for this, but I prefer to do it in winter. By the time spring comes, I want to get out of the house!
Are you feeling lonely? I guarantee you someone else is, too. Check with your church, hospitals or other associations that work with the homebound and see who isn't able to get out. Take them some lunch and companionship. You'll both feel better.
Are you the one who can't get out? How about writing a letter of encouragement to a foreign missionary? You'll both be blessed.
Do you have a skill to share? Talk to the civic center about teaching a class.
OK grandmas and grandpas out there, I have something for you to do. Write short stories about things that happened to you while growing up.
All children like to hear stories, and they're even more interesting if it's about someone you love. Some of my favorite memories are those of my grandparents and parents telling me about things that happened to them when they were young.
Grandparents, how about a family history? Just things like your grandparents' names and as much as you know about where your family came from is important to your grandchildren.
How about volunteering? I know the Caring Place needs volunteers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm sure there are many, many more places that could use your time, as well.
If you're constantly feeling depressed or sad, see your doctor and make sure there isn't a medical problem that needs to be treated.
If it's just a case of the winter blahs, then my suggestion is to get busy. Time passes faster when you're having fun. Enjoy your winter!
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