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By Staff
Christmas parade outreach a success
Energetic youngsters along Main Street calling out, "Free hot chocolate! Free coffee!," and distributing flyers inviting people to Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.
The hot chocolate and coffee were given freely by adults and teens from the congregation. Many people expressed surprise that it was really free and no donations were requested. Instead, people were invited to come to church on Pickens Street to get better acquainted.
Appreciated donations of supplies came from Hometown Market, Kroger and Fred's, which made it possible to serve more than 600 cups of coffee and hot chocolate during the cheerful Christmas Parade festivities.
The Christ Our Redeemer families enjoyed the parade and camaraderie.
They decided this event spread so much joy they are already looking forward to a repeat performance next year.
Members Jo Kinser and her daughter Karla Murphy organized this event and made many pots of hot beverages for servers and passersby. Many church members gathered near the table to greet people. The group served in front of 125 Main Street courtesy of Don Pettus of The PAR Group.
Special thanks are given to the members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Decatur, who loaned their large coffee urns for the project.
Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church would also like to thank the Hartselle Enquirer for advertising this event. Their help is much appreciated and played an important role in making this project a success.
Members of Christ Our Redeemer wish everyone in the Hartselle community a happy holiday season.
Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church