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Success starts with coaching

By Staff
Charles Prince, Sports Editor
A small hedge surrounds the plot. There's a concrete bench inside to sit on. A graying man in a black and orange Brooks High School lettermen's jacket sits slumped forward staring at the grave maker. The inscription reads, "Dominant Brooks Football 32-5 2000-02, Gone but not forgotten." The man sits and reminisces about the good old days, when Bob Godsey patrolled the Lion sidelines as head football coach.
He recalled the seasons with 12-2, 11-2 and 11-1 records. His eyes misted up just a bit as he thought back on the good times for Lions football.
He began to think of the Hartselle games he had attended this season and hoped the Lions find another Godsey. He ponders what he had seen this year as the master of sidelines drove the Hartselle Tigers to the state playoffs. He watched, as Godsey became intense when pointing out mistakes the players had made. He also saw the coach was just as quick to praise his athletes for good plays. He had read in newspapers how quick Godsey was to deflect attention from himself and praise his coaching staff for the team's success. He saw Godsey's team take on the personality of their coach, just as the Lions teams had. He saw the Tigers come back from two touchdown deficits on three different occasions during the season. Each time the Hartselle team didn't panic or lose its cool. Their was reaction a reflection of coach Godsey himself, who remained calm in the face of adversity. He saw the Tigers come back and win each of those games.
He had seen the Tigers grow as a team, because of the guidance of the head coach. He recalled tough road games the Tigers won at Athens and at Walker. He had seen Godsey propel the Tigers to a six-game winning streak after losing by 27 points at Decatur.
He then thought how good it was to see the coach do all the things he does best-mold a team into a single unit, instill confidence in his players, call just the right play at the right time. He thought about the man, who he considered the best high school football coach he had ever seen. He thought about the coach who can only be described by one phrase-a winner.
Etowah (8-2) at Hartselle (8-2)
The Tigers bring in a six-game win streak and come home for their first home game since Cullman. The winner will probably have to travel to Fairfield. Get your maps out Tiger fans…Tigers 24, Blue Devils 6
Hokes Bluff (7-3) at Danville (9-1)
The Hawks are hosting their first playoff game in a decade. They have a big size advantage on the Eagles…Hawks 27, Eagles 7
Alabama (6-3) at LSU (6-2)
The Tide defense will need to show the way for Shula's squad to win. LSU hasn't settled on a quarterback and both have been inconsistent. Alabama should pick up a very important road win…Crimson Tide 20, Bengal Tigers 10
Georgia (8-1) at Auburn (9-0)
The Plainsmen are dreaming of a shot at the BCS title game. The visitors want to show the country the Tennessee game was fluke, and they've played like it was one since.
The last two meetings between these two have produced heartbreaking losses for fans wearing orange and blue. It looks like another tight game to be decided in the final few minutes.
The home team looks strong, but I don't trust Tommy Tubberville in a big game…Bulldogs 17, Tigers 13