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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
The news every four years at this time is dominated by the presidential race.
1964 -November 4, In presidential voting here yesterday Senator Barry Goldwater carried Hartselle with 782 votes. Incumbent President Lyndon Johnson received 675 votes. This was the first time Hartselle had voted Republican for president since 1928.
1969 -November 5, Adlai H. Stephenson is very seriously ill. Mr. Stephenson is a retired rural mail carrier and was named for the man who was U.S. Vice President at the time of his birth. (John Sparkman was the running mate of the Vice-President's grandson, Adlai Stevenson, in 1952.)
1944 -November 6, Totals available from the presidential election yesterday show that Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt received 4,124 votes in Morgan County, New York Republican Governor Thomas E. Dewey just 664 votes. Only Winston of Alabama's 67 counties was carried by the GOP.
1932 -November 7, Hartselle and Morgan County are expected to return strongly to the Democratic fold in tomorrow's presidential voting. It is expected that New York Democratic Governor Franklin Roosevelt will handily defeat incumbent Republican President Herbert Hoover. A severe economic downturn set in shortly after Hoover took office four years ago.
1904 -November 8, One of the most enthusiastic workers at the polls in Lawrence County for the Democratic ticket today was "Little" General Joe Wheeler, who traveled all the way from New York to his old plantation home at Wheeler Station to cast his vote for the Democratic nominees for president and vice president, Alton Parker and Henry Davis.
1960 -November 8, John F. Kennedy carried Hartselle by a two-to-one margin in the presidential race today. He received 1,670 votes to Richard Nixon's 952.
1907 -November 9, Morgan County voted in favor of countywide prohibition today. The vote in Hartselle was 243 against the sale of liquor and only 18 in favor of it.
1920 -November 10, The Prohibition Party was represented on the state ballot for the presidential election last week but its nominees drew scant local support. Hartselle and Morgan County strongly prefer Democrats.