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Parents have to think fast

By Staff
Michelle Blaylock, Mom's Corner
Mommy, what's a poodle skirt and can I have one? Or, Momma, I need some cupcakes for school–can you make them really cool? Or, Mom, I need a ______ (fill in the blank) costume can you make it? By the way, I need it in three days. What's all this have in common? Panic! OK, not panic, but as parents we want to give our kids these things.
Unfortunately, there can be a few problems such as time, ideas, skill, etc.
Let's look at time. There are only 24 hours in a day. That's it! I've tried to make 36 hours in a day, but it just can't be done!
Since we can't add more hours in a day, we have to look at how time is used.
Keeping caught up on chores and not letting things get behind can help when something unexpected happens. (i.e. the costume in three days.) Also, having things organized can be a major benefit. If you know where all your things for sewing, crafts, or whatever are, it's easier to pull that rabbit out of the hat.
I can't make anything. I'm just not creative. Many people tell me that, but I think most people are creative. In my opinion, often times creativity is desperation in action. Even so, there are times when everyone needs some new ideas. I have found the internet to be a terrific source. Almost every company has a web site with cute ideas.
For example, check out M &M's Candies and Kraft Foods. There are many parent sites, such as Parent Center and Family Fun that also have terrific ideas. If you don't like computers, there's always library books and magazines.
Not everyone has time to be Suzie Homemaker or wants to be! Never fear, there are alternatives. Want to make your child's Halloween costume, but can't or don't want to sew? has some super "no-sew" costumes. Want a cute trick-or-treat bag to match a costume?
How about purchasing one of the blank bags from the craft section at the store and using fabric paint to decorate it.
Do it with your child and spend some time with them as well! Don't be too picky on how it turns out, the time you invest in your child is the most important thing.
There are many little crafts you can find for you and your child to do. For Halloween you could purchase some foamies and make little themed pins to wear.
For Thanksgiving you could do some simple origami and use them for place cards at your big feast. Origami also works well for little Christmas ornaments.
Although I enjoy making costumes, crafts, and treats, not everyone does and sometimes I don't have time. One year at school they had "dress as your favorite story character" day. It was fun, but it was scheduled the at the same time as I was doing the book fair! Aghhh!
There was no way I could make a costume.
Well, one child decided to be Robin Hood. That worked out great because he had been something similar at Halloween.
The other one wanted to be Madeline. We just didn't have any dresses that looked the part. So, off I went to the store. I found a cute dress that looked close and then I took her Easter hat and put ribbon on it.
It worked great and everyone knew whom she was portraying. The dress also worked as a church dress and was passed down to her sisters. I want to encourage you to take the time to work with your children.
They will cherish the memories of what you did with them. I hope these ideas have been helpful in that way. If you have a great craft, idea, or recipe to share please send it to me at: Mom's Corner; P.O. Box 1498; Hartselle, AL 35640, or now you can e-mail me at:
God bless,