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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
There will be no shortage of problems for the incoming Hartselle city council to deal with.
1958 -September 16, The city council is wrestling with what to do about the problem of taxi drivers being used to take whiskey from bootleggers to their local customers. Being able to make these illegal profits gives some companies revenues, which are unavailable to those who try to adhere to the letter and spirit of the prohibition law.
1905 -September 17, Thanks to the progressive spirit of the Hartselle City Council, children in this community now are able to attend grammar school for a full eight-month term. In most of the towns of the state there is only about three or four months of free public school due to a lack of appropriations for longer terms.
1938 -September 18, Gradually, motorists are getting used to the ordinance passed several weeks ago which prohibits the parking of vehicles on Highway 31 through the city. The ordinance was adopted at the request of the state highway commission in the interests of both safety and smoother traffic flow.
1961 -September 19, There is increasing criticism of the practice of city employees taking city vehicles home at night. If it is of a mind to do so, the council can put a stop to this.
1984 -September 20, Relations between regular city government agencies and Hartselle Utilities are increasingly strained. Some would like to see the utilities put under the direct control of the mayor and council.
1983 -September 21, City employees are becoming more and more vocal regarding their desire-and need-for a pay raise. They are hoping for something in the neighborhood of a 10 percent salary boost.
1968 -September 21, At this point is appears that the newly elected city council will take on the critical need for a dog pound as its first project.
1973 -September 22, Hartselle will have no Sunday blue laws unless the city council moves on the issue. The old ordinances relating to Sunday business closings have been voided by state action.