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Bush made wrong decision in Iraq
When asked if they feel safer now than before 9/11, most people say yes, but that can't be true. People had very little reason for fear until 9/11. In fact, it's that lack of fear, that complacency, which allowed 9/11. Had fear existed previously, there would have been government policies and actions previously in place to prevent, or reduce the possibility, of such eventualities.
The current administration praises themselves for successfully fighting the war on terrorism at home and in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Hogwash, invading Iraq was totally unnecessary. Iraq was less of a terrorist threat than Syria, Iran, North Korea, …etc. Yet, Iraq was unnecessarily invaded (for revenge?), jeopardizing foreign relations and world economic conditions and unnecessarily expending military and civilian lives, property, and money.
Not only was Iraq wrong, it was, in fact, counterproductive. Now there is much more anti-US rhetoric, more worldwide US animosity and hatred and less international support from fewer allies and friends than before 9/11. Not only because of the unnecessary invasion and occupation of Iraq but because of the swaggering, stubborn, arrogant, macho, singlehandedness displayed by the President and his current administration. Where/what are the advantages of having occupied Iraq and when/how are we going to get out? Having invaded Iraq was wrong then and is still wrong. Some say, "Bush is determined and strong." Not so.
As Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said, "Bush is determined and wrong!"
We all strongly praise, support and thank our military for their steadfast, unshakable obedience to the defense of our nation! But I will not, can not, support the poorly conceived policies and politically oriented, self-serving, hypocritical excuses for people who unnecessarily took them from their lives, homes and families and put them in harms way.
James L. Nix