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Vote 'yes' on Aug. 24

By Staff
Our opinion
Imagine going to the grocery store and trying to feed your family on the same money you made 20 years ago. It's a scenario the city of Hartselle faces every day.
On Aug. 24, our citizens have a chance to do something about it. Hartselle voters are asked to approve a 7.5 mill property tax increase. The increase would cost taxpayers an additional $75 per $100,000 of assessed property.
While opponents will tell you the city should manage its money better, the fact is we cannot manage our way out of dwindling sales tax revenues. Hartselle's governmental services are mostly funded through volatile sales tax revenues. If business decreases, the city takes the hit. An increase in property tax will reduce this dependence on sales tax and, because the money is earmarked for certain projects, it assures those items will be funded.
Improving city services. Preparing for our educational future. Keeping our roads and bridges safe. The challenge for funding these items is ours and the time for a property tax increase is now.
Vote yes on Aug. 24.