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BBES posts highest test scores

By Staff
Editor's note: This is the third in a series examining the Alabama State Department of Education's annual Report Card. This week's story examines individual school performance in Hartselle and Morgan County's school systems.
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
When it comes to standardized test scores, there are no better performers than Barkley Bridge Elementary School students.
In comparing four standardized test scores from Morgan County and Hartselle School Systems, Barkley Bridge's SAT scores lead the way. Barkley Bridge's SAT average was 72, higher than the system average of 65 and the state average of 51.
In general, Hartselle City schools scored higher than Morgan County schools, a trend seen throughout the state. City systems generally scored higher than their county counterparts. The SAT scores and other school data was released earlier this month by the State Department of Education.
All of Hartselle's elementary schools, as well as Hartselle Junior High School, exceeded the state average on the SAT test. Crestline Elementary's average SAT was 63; F.E. Burleson's was 60; and HJHS was 66.
Several county schools saw SAT scores below the state average: Falkville High School (seventh, eighth and ninth grades) 42; Lacey's Spring Elementary School, 44; Sparkman Elementary School, 38; Ryan School, 45; West Morgan Elementary School, 45; and West Morgan High School, 41.
The scoring trend continues with the two other major standardized tests taken by elementary and junior high students, though the single highest scores come from the county system. In the writing assessment test given in the fifth grade, Cotaco School scored an 82.3 and Priceville Elementary students scored an 83.2. The state average is 40.8.
All of Hartselle's school scored higher than the state average, with F. E. Burleson posting the high city score with a 67.6. Several county schools dropped below the state average, with the low scores coming from Falkville Elementary (37.3); Sparkman Elementary (24.1); Ryan School (13.3) and West Morgan Elementary School (22.6).
Scores for Hartselle's system dropped by the time the writing assessment is administered in seventh grade. Hartselle Junior High students scored a 46.3, just up from the state average of 38.7. The county schools posted higher scores, with the best coming from Sparkman with a 72.2. Other high scores were posted by Danville Middle School (67.7) and Eva School (62.5.)
For high school students, the big test is the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, passage of which is required before students receive their diploma. Ninety-eight percent of Hartselle High School students pass the exam, higher than the state average of 92.3. In the county system, Danville High School and West Morgan High School reported passage rates in the 98 percentile and 93 percent of Falkville High School students passed all phases of the exam. Only Brewer High School, with a score of 91.1 percent, dropped below the state average.