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If you like his column, you'll love his book

By Staff
Grammer writes book on his experiences growing up in Hartselle and playing for "The Bear."
Nick Johnston, Hartselle Enquirer
It's finally here.
Jim Grammer's new book, "The Long Gravel Road to Bama," has hit shelves at the Book Cellar in Hartselle. Grammer, a columnist for the Hartselle Enquirer, shares stories of growing up with his brother, Richard, and other friends in and around Hartselle.
The book tells about his time at The University of Alabama, and how he handled his brother's, along with other's, deaths.
"A lot of it is about people here in Hartselle and the experiences we had with those people," Grammer said. "Some are good, some are bad. And I hope this book does well and it's something people will enjoy."
In his book, Grammer talks about attending Flint Elementary School, living and working on the farm with his brother and playing little league baseball in Hartselle.
He talks about his high school football days and the guys he played with, like Johnny Newman. He also talks about the recruiting process and how his group in school suffered many tragedies.
"I tell some of the bitter truth," Grammer said. "I give some insight that common guy doesn't have. Like at Alabama, it wasn't all just glory. There were a lot of hard times."
But Grammer hasn't always been as open about his experiences. He has seen a lot of tragedy in his life, and said he wanted to put everything in his past aside.
"I thought, 'What's wrong with me? Why don't I want to reminisce about my life?" he said. "Sure, there were good times, but there were a lot of bad times, too. I just wanted to put all of it aside."
Grammer has been writing columns for nearly a year for the Hartselle Enquirer. He has been working on this book for close to three years.
His books serves another large purpose rather than telling everybody of his experiences, though.
"My first thought was this is something I would like to tell me kids and grandchildren," Grammer said. "If they want to know what their grandfather did, here it is."
His book is on sale at The Book Cellar in Hartselle at a price of $35. Or, send a SASE to "The Long Gravel Road to Bama," 1707 Brookwood Drive, Hartselle, AL, 35640, along with a check for $35.