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Bill cracks down on DUI offenders

By Staff
Staff Reports, Hartselle Enquirer
A bill that would require repeat DUI offenders to install special devices on their cars to prevent them from driving drunk is a good idea, according to Rep. Ronald Grantland, D-Hartselle.
"Prevention from injury must be executed in every way possible," Grantland said. This is common sense legislation and it saves lives and costs the state nothing."
House Bill 431, sponsored by Rep. Priscilla Dunn, D-Bessemmer, will require repeat DUI offenders to install an ignition interlocking device on their cars before their driver's licenses can be reinstated. The devices would perform an alcohol test and prevent the car from starting if the person taking the test was drunk.
Offenders would be required to pay for the installation and maintenance of the device.
Grantland said he was also in favor of a package of bills designed to help renovate and clean up properties, especially former industrial sites, throughout the state.
House Bill 635, sponsored by Representative Terry Spicer, D-Elba, will
authorize counties and cities to grant local abatements for non-educational taxes pursuant to the state's Brownfield recovery statute.
"This effort further recognizes the importance of revitalizing property," Grantland said.. "Utilizing these vacant structures will help bring additional revenue into the community."
Also, House Bill 253, sponsored by Rep. Frank McDaniel, D-Albertville, will establish a revolving loan program, to assist in the voluntary redevelopment of contaminated property.
"Assistance provided by loans is yet another way to encourage property recycling and clean up," Grantland said. "Furthermore, the reuse of previously utilized property will help preserve undeveloped farmland."
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management will maintain the loan.