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Satellite network vying for your cable dollar

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
A Decatur satellite company has fired the first shots in what is quickly becoming a war for your cable television dollar.
In response to recent increases in cable costs from Charter Communications, Direct TV is offering a special deal for Hartselle residents. Direct Connection is offering two free system units, as well as free remotes and installation.
Monthly cost is $31.99 for 120 channels.
According to Direct TV representative Norman Roby, the service will soon be able to provide local channels, which will raise the cost to $37 per month.
Until local channels are available, an extra antenna to pick them up costs $60.
In addition, Direct TV is sweetening the pot by donating $20 for every new subscriber to Morgan County's United Way drive.
"Over 18 million people in this country have turned to satellite television," Roby said. "Hundreds already have in Hartselle." Roby made a presentation detailing the offer at Monday night's City Council work session. It came on the heels of a letter to the mayor from Charter Director of Operations Tom Saltyer detailing an increase in Charter Communication's monthly fee.
Charter recently increased the cost of expanded service by $2.07 per month, bringing the total cost to $43.45.
Saltyer said the increased cost is due mainly to the expense involved with airing live sports programming, such as Alabama and Auburn football games.