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A look back

By Staff
(Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart)
The start of a new year inevitably means change, both for good and bad.
1907-January 2, S. E. Stewart has sold interests in his business to his brothers, W. T. and J. F. The firm will now be known as S. E. Stewart &Bros.
1886-January 3, Strong drink will either be much more expensive or nonexistent (legally) in Hartselle during this new year. The town council has levied a $1,000 tax on each local saloon.
1907-January 4, Businesses with telephones may see some reduction in the cost of this convenience in the not too distant future. A small army of men is now engaged in laying a tunnel cable across the Tennessee River. The cable is for long distance telephone service and as soon as it is in place this area will have a dependable telephone connection with the principal cities of the north. This ought to mean that the present rates charged by the American Telephone and Telegraph company will be reduced.
1886-January 5, The health of the people of Morgan County is good as we enter the new year of 1887; consequently, the physicians have nothing to do.
1908-January 6, Jim Parrish, convicted of murder, and Lee Kimble, charged with carrying a pistol, have escaped from the county jail by digging through the floor in their cells. The jail is poorly constructed and a number of prisoners have escaped from it during the past few years. Parrish and Kimble are presumably enjoying their freedom in this new year of 1908.
1954-January 7, The Mitchell family is in mourning early on in this new year. Mrs. W. A. Mitchell, the mother of Hubert R. and Billy Don Mitchell of Mitchell Industries, has passed away. Born in Lawrence county, she was the widow of W. A. Mitchell, a master craftsman in the trade of harness making.
1927-January 8, Hartselle motorists are thankful that as the new year begins road conditions are reasonably satisfactory. From Decatur to Hartselle, from Hartselle to Falkville, and from Falkville to within three and one-half miles of Cullman road conditions are regarded as good.