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By Staff
Surprise party delights all
About a week ago, I asked my niece, Beth Corbett, if we could have my sister and her mother, Sharon Terry, a surprise birthday party. She said we could try. Thus began a week of deception since she is usually very inquisitive. We planned it a couple of days before she was planning a supper for the December birthdays in our family. So we set out to surprise her, so that she wouldn't have any work to do. A cross cake with beautiful red roses and rose petals was ordered since she loves God with all her heart.
Sharon was born on our mother's, Audrey Tucker, birthday, a snowy birthday for both of them. Sharon's beloved granddaughter, Kali Corbett, was born Dec. 7. Sharon's oldest son, Harold Ed Terry Jr. was born Dec. 4. LeeAnn Harris on Dec. 13 (sweet 16 this year) and Holly Honea on Dec. 17.
Well, the big day arrived with Sharon asking God for something special for her birthday. As Isaiah 65:24 says "before they call, I will answer…" God had it all in the making.
It was pulled off with everyone arriving. She sure was shocked when she came in to find the house decorated and the family ready with a loud "surprise!" ready to celebrate all the birthdays. We had managed to surprise her as well. She was speechless for a time. Beth Corbett, Tammy Terry and I enjoyed a meal together.
Sharon is a very generous, caring and sharing person. If she sees a need, she is quick to respond. She will empty her purse or pantry at the hint of a need. She ministers the word at every opportunity she is given. She teaches kids at her church. She has been to Belize once and Africa twice on mission trips.
Included in the celebration were Harold Terry Sr., LeeAnn Harris, Beth and Kali Corbett, Harold and Tammy Terry Jr., Jason Terry, Greg Terry and Alton and Joyce Hill and, of course, Sharon.
My baby sister is something else. I'd hate to know she might go to the Lord before me.
I am proud to call her my sister. We have been through some rough times and she is faithful.
Joyce Hill
Election workers deserve thanks
Until I began working at the polls a few years ago, I had no concept of what is involved in preparing for and conducting an election. Now I realize how many people and how much work are responsible for making the voting process in Morgan County work.
There are a multitude of people who deserve our gratitude and I would like to recognize and thank them publicly.
The officials of Morgan County and their invaluable staffs (including the County Commission, offices of the Probate Judge, Circuit Clerk, and Board of Registrars) organize the election process, distribute and account for all voting material, train workers, handle problems and various situations that arise on election day and prepare the county's list of registered voters.
The sheriff's department, always visible, makes the polls a safe and secure place for voters.
The poll workers merit our appreciation. Their election day lasts from 6:15 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. They have the responsibility of assuring that every registered voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot. They are true public servants.
The employees at Sparkman Civic Center deserve a 'thank you' from us voters at Hartselle's box number one. They stay late and help set up the center for the election and dismantle the area afterwards for the next day's activities.
All during election day, they give poll workers exclusive use of their offices and facilities.
It takes planning, vision and hard work to ensure election day runs smoothly. I appreciate the efforts of all those who help make election day a good day.
Jane Wilcoxson
Election Inspector
Precinct 15, Box 1
Sparkman Civic Center