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By Staff
Burleson group thanks residents
On behalf of the Burleson Preservation Committee, I would like to thank our community for their great support. I am pleased that our community has shown interest in a performing arts center as well as preserving Hartselle's history. I appreciate the committee and their hard work with this event. If you would like to be involved in the ongoing project, please contact Laura Russell at 773-8063.
We also have an updated plan for renovation and construction of the new facility available at City Hall and the Board of Education office. We are currently pursuing grant options as well as corporate donor assistance. I think this facility will be a great asset to our community for a wide range of ages and interests.
I would like to especially thank Susan Stone and Ellen Bean for an exciting performance, Ron Brown and The Red House Grill for a delicious dinner and to Dick and Joan Leopard for the wonderful bamboo centerpieces. I am delighted to be a part of this project for our community. Thanks again to all of those who assisted with this event.
Jennifer Sittason
Burleson Preservation Committee Chair
GOP deserves a chance here
Over the past several years, Republicans have worked hard to make a change in the political climate in Alabama. This state is now a bona fide two party state and we have a real choice when we go to the polls to exercise our right to chose leaders. There are those who resist this change with all their might and refuse to accept that voters want choices. Competition has helped the political process. The political environment has changed in Morgan County and so should the level of rhetoric toward those duly elected to serve.
The Democrats in the State House led the redistricting and Congressman Robert Aderholt now represents a large section of Morgan County. We also have a County Commissioner, Stacy George, who serves capably. Both of these men have proven themselves as strong leaders and both are Republican. It is necessary for the County Commission Chairman and the other commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local newspapers to recognize these men and identify what they stand for without bias. I suggest that it is time that due respect be shown and a lower level of rhetoric be used toward these public servants. It is wrong to let one's attachment to a political party stand in the way of the honest and open discussion of what these men have to offer. Congressman Aderholt serves on the Appropriations Committee in the House so we should now be as concerned about including him on the same level as Cramer has been.
Let's not forget that there was a time in this state when we had no choice. There was one party, and what was decided went unchallenged for the most part. Now, we have a chance to be more productive in our area with these recent developments. Let's stop wasting time trying to be high-handed and living in the past by making it difficult on our Republican lawmakers. Competition and honest disclosure will level the playing field and benefit every citizen.
John W. Key
Columnist did a good job
Jack Greenhill's article in last week's Enquirer (4-25), "How Hartselle can be different" was excellent and so true. It was printed at the top of page A-4. Anyone who missed reading that article should make it a point to find a copy and read it and then act on it.
Martha Ann Penn