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Special thoughts on weddings

Last weekend Lynn and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a young couple. We have known this couple for several years, and the parents of the bride are good friends of ours. The wedding was held at Stonebridge Farms in Cullman, and it was a really great venue for a wedding and reception.

The wedding was really nice, especially with the music being played by a string band. The chapel had a western look and, candles at the front of the chapel made a very nice atmosphere. Of course, the bride was very pretty and elegant in her wedding gown.

After the ceremony, everyone moved over to the reception hall, and the meal was served to the guests. There was also a band for dancing and entertainment.

Many times I have random thoughts that pop into my head in sometimes-unusual situations or places. While I was sitting watching the couple have their first dance as man and wife, one of those thought provoking ideas hit me.

My mind wandered to the first miracle that Jesus performed as He began his ministry. He and His mother, and I am sure other family members, were invited to a wedding. I am sure there was a party or reception-type event held in honor of the bridge and groom. According to scripture, the wine ran out and Jesus’ mother asked Him to do something about this. Well, if you have ever given a party running out of food or drink is not a good thing to happen with lots of guests.

Jesus disciples followed His instructions and when what they thought was water was given to the person hosting the party, he drank wine. The disciples then knew who Jesus was and their faith was in Him.

Other times in the scripture references are made about weddings. The church universal to which all Christians belong is referred to more than once time as the “Bride of Christ: waiting on her groom to come. Christ himself is referred to as the Bridegroom. Revelation speaks of the saints dining at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” after the new heaven and earth come down from glory.

Marriage is a blessed event and a covenant between the couple and God. The proof is in these words from the Bible, “whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

God created marriage and the wedding ceremony is one of joy and happiness.

I do not believe the mention and reference to weddings is just coincidental in the words of scripture. Just as Christ loved the church, His Bride, so we are to love, honor and cherish the one we pledged our faith and vows to.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle