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A look back to Feb. 29-March 6, 1962

Feb. 29, 1962—Alvis Briscoe, president of First Federal in Decatur, has been appointed to the national committee of the U.S. Savings and Loan Association. Mr. Briscoe is best known to Hartselle people because of all of the basketball games he has refereed here.

Feb. 29, 1962—C. F. Penn’s restaurant on Main Street has raised its hamburger prices from 15 cents to 20 cents.

March 1, 1962—Morgan County Chief Deputy Sheriff Pat Patterson was injured in a traffic accident on Highway 31 North tonight.

March 1, 1962—Tonight at midnight is the deadline for candidates to qualify to run in the May Democratic primary. Winning in the Democratic primary has been the same thing as being elected in Alabama for many years. Alabama is in the heart of the Solid South as well as the “heart of Dixie.” Close to 80 people have qualified thus far in Morgan County.

March 2, 1962—Hartselle’s Guy Roberts, who is chairman of the county governing body (then called the board of revenue), was surprised with a cake by his courthouse office staff this morning when he arrived at work. They were congratulating him on being unopposed for re-election.

March 2, 1962—Hugh Greene, an MCHS senior, was a first-place winner in the science fair held here today. Doyle Walker, MCHS science teacher, was the faculty sponsor for the event. Students from Cotaco and Union Hill also won with their science exhibits.

March 3, 1962—Arson is suspected in the fire that devastated most of the Priceville school early this morning.

March 3, 1962—Funeral services were held this afternoon at Moss Chapel Methodist for Mrs. Ellen Sparkman, 63, a resident of Hartselle 4, who passed away at her home two days ago. Revs. S. E. Paulk and Odie Gregg officiated.

March 3, 1962—Danville won the state Class A basketball championship tonight in Tuscaloosa, running over Corner High with a score of 51-38. Lynn Holloway was the Hawks’ leading scorer with 23 points. Showing Morgan County’s strength in round ball, Priceville won the top prize last year.

March 3, 1962—One brother fatally shot another about 15 miles east of here tonight. The 19-year-old sibling who was killed was dead on arrival at Hartselle Hospital. The other brother contends the shooting occurred when a gun accidentally went off.

March 4, 1962—Mrs. Annie Belle Hamilton, 67, died this morning at a worship service at her home church, Hartselle First Methodist. Her funeral will be held there tomorrow.

March 4, 1962—Arthur Foote, Hartselle 4, escaped serious injury in an auto accident in Decatur this afternoon. Another car with an insufficiently attentive driver crashed into Mr. Foote’s car when he stopped at an intersection.

March 4, 1962—Robert White began preaching a revival tonight at Bethlehem Baptist east of Hartselle. It will continue through Saturday night.

March 5, 1962—The new hero, Astronaut John H. Glen, Jr., the first American to orbit the earth, says he has no desire to get into politics.

March 6, 1962—Today is the deadline for Hartselle flower growers to register to exhibit their daffodils in the upcoming flower show. Women interested should contact Mrs. Victor Glasscock. Mrs. L. H. Houston is one of the main sponsors of this event as is always the case with flower-related activities.

March 6, 1962—Area cotton producers held a meeting at the Hartselle City Hall tonight. The number of acres they are permitted by the federal government to plant is strictly limited so those that don’t plan to use their allotment were asked to release it to those desiring to make a bigger crop.