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A look back

By By Dr. Bill Stewart
Editor’s note: We’re happy to welcome back Dr. Bill Stewart and are glad to report his recovery is progressing well.
June 4, 1959-Knox McCrae is now settling firmly into his new job as sheriff of Morgan County. That McRae rather than Richard Hyche, who was appointed by new Governor John Patterson, is the county’s top law enforcement official was the decision of Chief Justice J. Ed Livingston and a unanimous Alabama Supreme Court. The late Sheriff Jimmie Collier had been elected for another term in November but died before it began. Then-Governor James Folsom appointed McRae to succeed Collier.
June 4, 1959-Buyers have quickly been found for the hundred thousand-plus in bonds that Hartselle is selling to lure a garment factory to town that is expected to employ as many as 300.
June 5, 1959-The David Chandler and Billy Don Mitchell families are currently spending their vacation fishing on the White River in Arkansas.
June 5, 1959-Bob Gilchrist and Travis Hardwick are currently enjoying a vacation at Gulf Shores.
June 5, 1959-Joyce Cary will serve as senior class president when classes resume at MCHS. Don Logan will be the secretary.
June 5, 1959-MCHS football coach J. P. Cain is somewhat doleful regarding prospects for the upcoming ‘59 football season. Forty-five guys were out for spring training, but only one of these was a ‘58 first-stringer-left end Jimmy Speegle.
June 6, 1959—Bobby Ray Hicks, a graduate last year from the University of Alabama, is currently in San Antonio, Tex., where he is undergoing four months’ basic training as an enlistee in the Air Force contingent of the National Guard.
June 7, 1959-Graduation exercises were held this morning at Athens College with Frank Oakes, a Wolverine executive, as the main speaker. Degree recipients included John Bean of Hartselle.
June 7, 1959-Herman Myers will serve as principal of Priceville school when classes resume in a few weeks. Myers is the former MCHS basketball coach.
June 8, 1959-As a promotion for a future movie screening, the Bowline Drive-in Theatre is attempting to locate people who lived in Chicago during the Al Capone reign and have personal knowledge of Capone’s notorious activities.
June 8, 1959-Gray’s Body and Boat Shop in Falkville is offering a hydroplane, a racing motor, a trailer, and a racing vest and helmet, all for $325. More information may be obtained by calling them at phone 70.
June 9, 1959-Guy Holloway has purchased the food store of W. H. Lurnsden on Bank Street in Decatur. Holloway will move the stock of the store, open since 1935, to his retail outlet on West Main here.
June 10, 1959-Larry Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Roberts, was presented with two important awards when graduation exercises were held at Marion Military Institute recently. He was recognized both as the “best private” in the cadet corps and the “best athlete” in the entire school. Showing his versatility, Larry lettered in football, basketball, and baseball. He is also a dean’s list student.
From Dr. Stewart: I am very appreciative of the prayers and other forms of support received during my crticial and very extended hospital stay. Thanks also to Trey Stewart for research assistance in the preparation of this column.