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Here's what I've learned in 12 years…

By Staff
Leada Gore, Editor
Some 12 years ago this month, I got my first job in the newspaper business. Armed with a degree in history and English and a couple of month's experience at a building magazine, I started work at a large weekly newspaper outside Birmingham. I am certain my parents thought it would never last and I would soon be off the paper's payroll and back on theirs. Twelve years later, I've managed to stay off my parent's payroll, something that wasn't easy to do, especially in those early days.
Still, I've managed to learn a thing or two through the years, and on this 12th anniversary, I thought I would share some of them with you. Here we go:
In the end, though, it's all worth it, because every once and a while, someone takes the time to say 'thanks' or you see the look on a child's face when they see their picture in the paper. That smile is even better, of course, if that child happens to have a crown on their head.