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Business owner questions charges
Hartselle Medical Center charged an employee of mine over $3,100 for eight stitches. On the invoice he was charged $23 for a Band-Aid, $66 for two gauze pads, and $42 for a pair of latex gloves. That is actually the tip of the iceberg. When I called the HMC business office they claimed that these were the standard prices, but would pass it on up that I thought the prices were unreasonable.
At $3,100 for a minor injury I can see why people can't afford health care. People need to know how they are being swindled by the health care industry.
Randall Drake
Fleet Air Technologies Inc.
Terrell fundraiser offers trailer
Let me tell you a little about Terrell Industries. It is a very special work opportunity for employees of Hartselle and surrounding communities.
It is community supported with no state or federal funding. It began with a few parents who have (special needs) children and who had a vision for this sheltered workshop and who worked very hard to make it happen.
The supervisory team is exceptional and maintains a workplace with a wholesome and productive atmosphere. Thanks to those mentioned, the generous support of the Hartselle community, and the continued work/support of many families involved, Terrell Industries now employs 74 (special needs) workers.
All of us at Terrell appreciate greatly the support offered by the community, past and present.
A special raffle fundraiser is in progress now. We're offering a 6×10 trailer donated by Tennessee Valley Trailers. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for six. The drawing will be held Oct. 9 at 4 p.m. at Depot Days. Someone will receive a fine trailer.
Terrell Industries is a valuable asset to the greater Hartselle area and we are proud to be a part of it.
Linda Fuhlrodt, director
Linda Pitts, Advocacy Board president and supervisor
Max Slate, Advocacy Board member and parent
Editor's note: Last month, the Enquirer asked if the city should purchase the Jenkins home and property to avoid it being located in the middle of a city park. Here are the responses:
City should
purchase land
Yes, by all means, the city should purchase the Jenkins' land and home.
Murray and Martha Jo Landers
Jenkinses shouldn't have to live in park
Yes, the city should purchase the Jenkins' home. It's a disgrace to put any citizen in that position.
June Warner