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Is God your problem solver?

By Todd Barrier

There is a really good story about David in the Bible that I think we can relate to. As David was traveling away from Jerusalem to escape the wrath of Absalom, a man named Shimei who was a relative of Saul began to harass David and those traveling with him (2 Samuel 16.) He began cursing at them and even was throwing rocks at them. He also gloated that David was running from Absalom. Eventually, one of David’s companions asked him why he was letting Shimei do this and asked if he could “dispose” of him. David’s response was basically to ignore Shimei. He said that they should let him continue and the Lord would take care of it, if he endured it the Lord would bless him; Shimei was like a mosquito in the room. Continually bugging David, but not much more than a nuisance. Many in our life will try to throw us off track, bringing up our past and all the mistakes we’ve made, possibly hurting us and definitely annoying us. It’s best to take the advice of David and let God handle it. Like Shimei, who we don’t hear much else from, they will eventually wear themselves out and be gone from our lives and we will be blessed by having endured it. Is God your problem solver?