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Hartselle junior completes Eagle Scout project  

Bradyn Schultz can put one more badge on his uniform.  

Schultz, 17, recently completed a project to refurbish and restore the anti-tank guns that are displayed outside Hartselle’s American Legion, a process that spanned nearly three months. He is now an Eagle Scout.  

“My whole goal was to refurbish them and make them look new to draw new legion members in to help them out,” the Hartselle High School junior said. “I went through and got everything approved and set starting dates and then we got started on sanding down the major rust spots before painting.  

Schultz said volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 92, as well as a host of friends and family, helped him complete this project to achieve Eagle Scout status.  

Made by Watervliet Arsenal in New York in 1945 for the U.S. Army, development of the T8 90mm anti-tank gun began during World War II, while U.S. troops strengthened protective contacts with German armor. The gun deploys effectively to a distance of approximately 1,000 yards, with mounting hardware allowing limited traverse and elevation capabilities. The finished system weighs approximately eight tons. As a towed antitank gun, the T8 should have been pulled into place by a moving vehicle. The rifle group can then move the weapon system to fine-tune the angle and position. 

The wheels are synthetic rubber with steel rims, the mantlet is angled for basic ballistic protection and the 90mm barrel is attached to its recoil mechanism to withstand heavy firing action. 

These particular anti-tank guns never saw combat, Schultz said, but are now almost as good as new as they sit in front of Hartselle’s Post 52 on Sparkman Street. 

Schultz has close ties to military service. His father served in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. In addition to being a boy scout for six years, Schultz was also involved in Hartselle’s General Joe Wheeler Squadron Civil Air Patrol for four years. Through his participation in both these programs, Schultz said he has learned a great deal about leadership and taking responsibility for one’s actions.  

Lee Greene, local business owner and organizer of the Hartselle Veterans Day parade, donated $500 toward Schultz’s Eagle Scout project.  

Schultz is dual enrolled at Hartselle and Calhoun Community College where he studies welding two days a week.  

Bradyn is the son of Kieron and Amy Butler of Hartselle.