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Title: “Just Another Love Song”  Author: Kerry Winfrey  

Books of the week of August 31

Title: “Just Another Love Song” 
Author: Kerry Winfrey

Sandy and Hank are high school sweethearts. They are both counting down the days until they can flee their small town to explore the world and go after their dreams. When unforeseen circumstances prevent Sandy from going off to college with Hank, she’s left behind in small Baileyville. Sandy doesn’t want to hold Hank back from becoming a singer and decides to cut him loose. Fifteen years later, Hank is back in town and Sandy is running into him everywhere she turns. After being forced to work together, a second chance may be right around the corner.  

This second chance romance is funny and heartwarming. A real Hallmark meets “Sweet Home Alabama” style book.  You will be drawn in from beginning to end. Stop by the library to pick it up. Happy reading! 

Title: “Larkspur Cove” 
Author: Lisa Wingate

Andrea Henderson is divorced and living with her son, Dustin, in her parents’ lake house on Moses Lake, Texas.  As a social worker, she is drawn to investigate a little girl that was spotted with the town hermit, Len.  The local game warden, Mart McClendon offers to accompany her as the trip might be dangerous. Upon visiting the girl, Birdie, they discover that she is Len’s granddaughter, dropped off by her mother for an indeterminate amount of time.  As the case deepens, Andrea and Mart work together with the local church to provide clothes and things for Birdie while trying to figure out where her mother is. In the meantime, Andrea is dealing with Dustin acting out over his disappointment in his parents’ divorce and a late-night visit from the dead-beat dad.  Then, just as Birdie is coming out of her shell, her mother shows up with trouble by her side.  Can Andrea protect Birdie from her own mother or will they all pay the price for her mistakes?