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Are you defined by the right things?

By Todd Barrier

In Matthew 8:23-27 and Matthew 14:22-23, we are told of times when Jesus and His disciples were in the midst of a storm on the sea. In one, Jesus is sleeping when the story begins, in the other He walks through the storm on the water. Jesus is not worried in either instance – His disciples are another story. They are worried and afraid, until Jesus calms them and the storms. This could’ve been a debilitating blow to the disciples.

“How can I serve God and walk with Jesus with such little faith?” they may have asked themselves. Instead, they focused on Jesus and continued to do the work of the kingdom. This wouldn’t have been possible if they had let those two moments of weak faith define them. Instead, they learned from their past and let their relationship with Jesus define them. The lesson for us is that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how far off-track things may seem, don’t let those bad moments define you. Get back on track with Jesus and let Him lead you and let that relationship define you, not the failures in life. Are you defined by your relationship with Jesus?