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Are you partnering with Jesus? 

By Todd Barrier  

During the summer, my kids have had a 30-minute block each morning where they have to clean our living room and kitchen. “Why daddy?” is the question I get every day. “Well,” I say, “Because you made the mess.” 

Unfortunately, there are messes in our life that are too big for us to clean up for ourselves. We need a cleanser, we need Jesus. There is a song called “For All You’ve Done,” it begins like this:  

O cleanser of the mess I’ve made, upon the hill our places trade. Stretched on a cross, your body crushed by human hands you formed from dust. How wonderful Your mercy is, how awesome are your ways! I come, I come to worship you for all you’ve done. 

This song reminds us of what a great helper Jesus is with the messes we make. We need Jesus, the cleanser of the mess we’ve made. We don’t have to remind Jesus (like I have to remind my kids.) We just have to ask. He will help us through these messes and cleanse us of the sin in our life. Jesus is the way (John 14:6) to a clean life. Are you partnering with Jesus to clean the messes you’ve made?