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Books of week July 20

Title: “The Water Keeper” 
Author:  Charles Martin

Murphy Shepherd is not a priest – but he is mistaken for one by Angel, a lost young lady who seems to be in trouble.  Murphy is aching from the loss of his mentor and friend as he tends the grounds of a small church that is between attending priests. But his real job is quite a bit more dangerous and also kept secret.  He is sent to find girls that have been taken into human trafficking – and he rarely fails.  He is afraid that Angel is one of those girls but doesn’t have any proof until he rescues a woman named Summer who is desperate to save her daughter – Angel.  Murphy’s plans of saying a last goodbye to his mentor have been put on hold for this new case that will end up meaning more to him than he could have imagined.   

Title: “The Woman in the Library” 
Author: Sulari Gentill

This is a story within a story.  Hannah Tigone is a mystery writer who lives in Australia. She is writing a book about a woman who is killed in the Boston Public Library and four strangers are the ear-witness of her fatal scream.  These four decide to go out after the body is discovered to talk about what could have happened.  They become fast friends over their shared experience. But as they find out more about each other, suspicions run high until they start pointing fingers at everyone in the group.  Interruptions to the story are inserted to bring the reader back to the “real life” of the author and the proofreader she has been communicating with in the States.  These communications become more and more intrusive and threatening- leaving the reader to wonder if Hannah will get to finish her book at all.