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Books of the week June 15

“In Five Years” 
By Rebecca Serle

Dannie Kohan is a corporate lawyer that just landed her dream job at a prestigious firm by nailing the dreaded “where do you see yourself in five years” question.  Dannie has her whole life planned out meticulously.  College, career, dating, get engaged and get married- all down to months on a planner.  And everything is on track, even the fiancé.  But one night, she has a very real dream in which she wakes up with a man she has never met- with a different ring on her finger- in a different apartment.  The date on the news tells her it is 2025-exactly five years in the future.   

Dannie wakes up back in 2020 and tries to put it out of her mind and focus on her new job, fiancé, and life-long friend Bella.  She is successful in forgetting for the most part until the four-and-a-half year mark- when Bella introduces her to her boyfriend.  Dannie immediately recognizes him as the man from her vision.   And her plans fall apart.  This is a beautiful story about true friendship, love in unlikely places, and misunderstood destinies.   

“Where I Left Her” 
By Amber Garza

Whitney is a single mom- raising a very moody teenage daughter named Amelia.  When Amelia asks to spend the night with her friend Lauren, Whitney agrees to it even though she has never met Lauren’s parents, or been to her house.  Amelia assures her that she will call in the morning when she is ready to come home.  However, when Whitney still hadn’t heard from Amelia at 10 AM or at noon, she decided to go to Lauren’s and get her.  When she knocked on the door, an elderly couple answered.  They had never heard of Amelia or Lauren and there had been no sleep over at their house in a long time.  Whitney drives around but is positive that she had the correct house.   

Whitney starts to investigate where exactly Amelia has been going and who with in the last few weeks and the answers are very disturbing.  Who was Lauren, really?  Where was Amelia and why wasn’t she answering her phone?  Whitney will do anything to find her daughter- even if it means unearthing some of her own secrets.   

This title is available as an audiobook on the Hoopla app.