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Books of the week of May 11

Title: An Unwanted Guest  
Author: Shari Lapena

  Ten guests have checked into the Mitchell Inn in the Catskills of New York just in time before a winter storm hits.  The staff is limited to the owner and his son as the other employees couldn’t make it in due to road closures.  Nevertheless, the guests are told not to worry.  There was plenty of food and firewood to last for several days and just to settle in and enjoy the weekend.  The first night is pleasant with dinner and drinks together.  But in the middle of the night, the power goes out, a scream goes ignored- and a body is found in the morning. No one can be sure if it is an accident or a murder.  That is, until it happens again.  And again. The group is dwindling in number and in sanity.  All they can do is stay together and try not to be the next victim until the storm is over.   

This book can be checked out from WBH Library or read as an Ebook on the Libby app.  


Title: “Beach Read” 
Author: Emily Henry

January Andrews is a popular romance writer. People love her happily ever afters. But things aren’t even close to happy in her private life. Her father died, she found out he was living a double life, and then she stopped being able to write anything resembling happy. Augustus Everett is a popular literary fiction author. Everyone loves his realistic fiction that don’t end with happily ever afters. His private life is just as complicated. Suddenly, he wants to write something that doesn’t end with everyone dead or unhappy. After constantly running into each other, they make a bargain. They will swap fiction genres. Augustus will have to create a happy ever after and January will write a sad and realistic novel. They absolutely will not fall in love. They don’t even like each other. 

This romantic comedy is perfect to start off the summer. This book is full of comedy that will make anyone laugh.