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Falkville High gets Blue Ribbon designation

Falkville High School is the latest school in Morgan County to become a Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence.

Based on the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence national validated assessment process, Falkville High School has met the required criteria in the nine performance areas of high performing schools required for this prestigious recognition: Student Focus and Support, School Organization and Culture, Challenging Standard and Curriculum, Active Teaching and Learning, Technology and Integration, Professional Community, Leadership and Education Vitality, School, Family, and Community Partnerships and Indicators of Success.

Falkville Principal Shane Bryan said he is about school improvement rather than hanging a banner on the wall.


“It’s great that our parents know we offer an award-winning education,” said the 1990 Falkville graduate. “We worked with Jane Ellperson, who was a Principal of the Year in Florida, and I told her, ‘Hit me where it hurts. Keep it real. I know we have areas we need to improve in.’”

Bryan said he met with Ellperson monthly starting in October 2021 and addressed things the school needed to change so they could meet the nine indicators of the Blue Ribbon process.

Haley Roberts teaches 10th, 11th- and 12th-grade mathematics at Falkville High School. She said going through the process allowed her to reflect on her own pedagogical practices and how she delivers instruction to her students.


“I have been intentional with creating a classroom culture where the focus is on the learning process and not on student grades or outcomes,” Roberts said. “Students are sometimes only worried about the grade they are making instead of how well they understand the standard being taught. My intent is to emphasize growth and development. I really just want my students to improve and learn something new every single day.

“Through this course of action, I have utilized more cooperative learning strategies in my classroom. Promoting positive collaboration between students is essential in the learning process. Students are more engaged when they are able to discuss questions with peers,” she added.

“When I took this job,” Bryan said, “I said my vision for Falkville High School was I wanted it to be a place where parents felt good about sending their kids, and I feel like we are taking the right steps to get the buy-in on that.”