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Morgan Cattlemen’s Association holds annual banquet

Special to the Enquirer

The Morgan County Cattlemen Association held its annual banquet Jan. 15.

Members including Sen. Arthur Orr, Morgan County Commission Chairman Ray Long, Randy Vest, Paul Homes, family members and non-member guests from Morgan County currently running for office attended the banquet, held at the Hartselle Tabernacle.

Guest speaker Steven Smith, regional vice president for the Alabama Cattleman’s Association, addressed the crowd about the association’s relationship with Auburn University; the current procedure for processing beef for sale; government actions; and keeping partnerships with related businesses.

The newly-elected 2022-2024 Morgan County Cattlemen president is Walton Ashwander. Other newly officers are vice president Jason Fields and Billy Pitt and Samuel Hall as new members of the Board of Directors.

William “Billy” Wallace was the recipient of the Master Cattleman of the Year 2021 Award.

Master Cattleman of the Year recognizes individual cattle growers for developing and implementing innovative ideas and processes that improve cattle genetics and soil and water conversation, producing higher quality cattle.

According to the Association, Wallace demonstrated excellent stewardship over both the animals and land within his domain for other growers to emulate. “Wallace is an icon in the cattle industry as a third-generation auctioneer,” the Assocation announced.

The Cattleman of the Year 2021 award went to Matthew Bentley.

This annual award recognizes individual cattle growers who continue to raise quality cattle while demonstrating excellent stewardship over both the animals and the land in their domain.

Other 2021 recognitions went to Wayne Ward and Diane Griffith for their contributions to the Morgan County Cattlemen Association and the cattle industry.