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Rebekah Yancey, Editor

Hello quarantine, my old friend  

I’m not sure how I made it two years into this pandemic before finally succumbing to this crazy virus that has tilted the world on its ear – but somehow it happened.  

Now, I have been sick several times in these two years because I was not blessed with the best of immune systems, and – and to my sister’s chagrin – I haven’t been as consistent with my multivitamin regimen as I should be. I think I will change that going into 2022.  

Each time I felt that alarming tickle in my throat, I would just know my time had finally come. Each time I visited the Hartselle Family Medicine Quick Clinic for a visit with my favorite nurse practitioner, I was pleased and astounded to find out I had dodged the coronavirus once again.  

Until this past week, when my luck ran out. Omicron came knocking on my door, and my husband and I both answered, reluctantly and against our wills.  

It was very surreal hearing, “You’ve tested positive for COVID-19.”  

I have been dreading those words since the beginning of this pandemic.  

I’m thankful it hasn’t been worse. Moreso, I’m so very thankful for the people who go to work every day to take care of the sick. Where would be without those heroes in our community?  

This crazy virus has kept me indoors for more than a week. I’ve had good days and bad ones. Currently it’s a good one, and I’m hopeful my husband and I are at the tail end of this recovery.  

If not, we’re going to need some Netflix or Hulu suggestions, stat.