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Title: “Aftermath” Author: Terri Blackstock 

Books of the week Jan. 5

Title: “Aftermath”
Author: Terri Blackstock

“Aftermath” is a new release in Christian fiction by Terri Blackstock.  

It opens with Taylor and her two best friends attending a political rally, where their favorite band is scheduled to play. Everyone is having a good time when, all of a sudden, an explosion throws them all into chaos.   

Taylor escapes without her friends and starts to experience shock and anxiety.  

Meanwhile, Dustin is driving down the interstate when blue lights flash behind him. He is being stopped by police with a warrant to search his car, based on an anonymous tip. When they find explosives in his trunk, he is more shocked than anyone.  

Arrested and threatened with being charged with terrorism, his one phone call is to an old friend, attorney Jamie Powell.  

Jamie knows Dustin is innocent, but she must prove he is being framed. Can she find the enemy of the targeted politician before the community takes matters into its own hands?  

Title: “Spoiler Alert”
Author: Olivia Dade
Reading Level: Adult

“Spoiler Alert” is a modern-day nerd romance.  

April is a geologist who spends her free time writing fanfiction or posting on a private fandom message boards for the “Gods of the Gates.” The majority of her personal life is devoted to the show and all the things she would do differently.  

Her life turns upside down when she finally posts one of her cosplays. Her picture goes viral – and earns her a date with Marcus Caster-Rupp. 

Marcus Caster-Rupp is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. He achieved his fame by playing Aeneas in “Gods of the Gates.” Most of his day is spent pretending he is the golden boy who doesn’t have a single thought in his head; however, this is just a cover to keep the outside world out. In his spare time, he writes fanfiction for “Gods of the Gates” under the name Book!AeneasWouldNever.  

After reading nasty comments on an amazing cosplayer’s picture, he decides to take the girl out on a date.  

This book is a perfect blend of real-world problems, the beauty of fandoms and romance. The two main characters go journeys of self-reflection that aren’t forced or over written. This is definitely a must-read new release!