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Better or worse in 2022? 

By Clif Knight 

The arrival of 2022 is a good time to turn thoughts to eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good habits. 

New Year’s resolutions are much easier made than kept. Just ask anyone who has resolved to quit smoking year after year but continues to be hooked on tobacco use, or someone who resolves to eat less and exercise more but continues to choose a comfortable recliner instead of a brisk walk around the block.  

I confess I have come up short sticking with resolutions more often than not; however, successes along the way have given me the courage to try again. 

Smoking, drinking and the use of unbecoming language are practices I was able to eliminate many years ago. My focus in 2022 is to eat healthier and shed 10 pounds before the start to the next gardening season.    

In the interest of seeing Hartselle grow and prosper in 2022, I offer the following resolutions for the city’s consideration:  

  • The city should resolve to support Cerrowire as the first industry to announce plans to build a new industrial plant in the South Morgan Industrial Park at Interstate 65 and Thompson Road. 
  • The city should also resolve to continue the push to attract other industries to locate in the park as producers of products for the new automotive manufacturing plant in the Greenbriar area. Its opening not only creates a large workforce but new job opportunities for subsidiary industries, as well. 
  • The city should resolve to obtain federal/state funding for completion of the proposed Thompson Road upgrade project. Engineering work has been done, and the next phase will involve utility relocation and right-of-way acquisition. This project is a vital link to the future development of the North Morgan Industrial Park. 
  • The city should resolve to continue the enhancement of infrastructure in the central business district. The recent replacement of curbs and gutters, sidewalks and street lighting on Hickory Street addressed a need in a neglected part of downtown. A major street resurfacing project is another pressing need, especially the East Main Street sector of Highway 36. 

In addition to these efforts by the city, Huntsville Hospital should resolve to move forward on the removal of demolition debris from the old Hartselle Hospital property and its redevelopment.