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Strong storms threaten New Year’s Day after warm week 

By Wes Tomlinson  

For the Enquirer  

 According to the National Weather Service, high temperatures will be in the 70s this week, with chances for rain Wednesday night and storms New Year’s Day. 

“We’ll be dealing with warm conditions that we’ve had over the past several days,” said Matt Anderson, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Huntsville. “There will be no deviation from the low 70s here for the next week.” 

Anderson said potential storms Wednesday could bring heavy rainfall and heavy winds. 

“We’re looking at another round of strong to severe storms over the weekend on New Year’s Day and potentially into Sunday as well,” Anderson added. 

Anderson said cold temperatures in the northwestern part of the United States and will soon move southward. 

“Eventually, that cold air will have to go somewhere, and eventually it will cool down going into January,” Anderson said. 

Anderson said the public needs to remain weather aware this weekend.