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The most wonderful time of year  

It’s nearly here! The most wonderful time of year and my absolute favorite holiday. My husband and I finally put up the Christmas tree this past weekend.  

I wanted to put it up before Thanksgiving for once in my life, but he just wasn’t having it.  

It isn’t fully decorated yet; I’m actually planning on making a trip to Hobby Lobby today so I can finish it. I probably need to set a budget before I go; that place is a trap.  

I’ve heard some great lessons recently at church on how to avoid ChristMESS. Selfish tendencies, being so busy this time of year and being too materialistic, all while forgetting about the joy of giving to others, can all contribute to that mess – and sometimes it’s hard to snap out of.  

I’ve truly enjoyed applying what I’ve learned from these lessons to my life and trying to become better.  

This time of year is about far more than me and what’s going on in my small corner of the world, after all.  

Just north of us there are hundreds of families preparing to bury their loved ones after storms ravaged their area in the middle of the night. I think about that heartache, and all of a sudden, what I’m getting and giving for Christmas is pretty low on the list of things to worry about.  

I’m looking forward to so many things that will happen these next couple of weeks – mainly more time with those who I love most in this world. Christmas movies and family traditions and hosting Christmas Eve for the first time in my very own home are among some of the holiday excitement for which I cannot wait.  

Now if anyone has tips on how to keep the cat out of the Christmas tree, I would greatly appreciate them.