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Frost shares his thoughts about family, friends, life 

By Martha Jackson

I want to thank Eric Frost for sharing his feelings and thoughts with our readers this week. 

So tired of all the drama in our world these days: I miss family time, when everyone enjoyed being together. I miss meals with everyone. I miss the joy of seeing friends and family. I miss the love and the encouragement we used to get from each other. 

Our world has become a very different place. We cannot say or do anything anymore without the fear of someone getting upset.  

Where did all of the love go?  

I want everyone who reads this to know: I love my family, my friends and everyone else. If I have ever done anything to hurt you or said anything to cause you sorrow, I am sorry. I assure you it was not intentional – by no means.  

The struggle of life in our world these days is a tough walk. There seems to always be an issue or drama that surrounds us as we move through each day.  

Just always know: I love you, and I’m trying to always be the best person I can be. At times, I might not be full of Jesus but in the flesh, and I might let the world win. Hang in there with me. Pray for each other, and let’s all try to forgive and be a little more like Jesus today and a lot less like what this world wants us to be.   

Falkville Fire And Rescue Activities 

Special thanks goes out this week to the members of the Falkville Fire and Rescue for their wonderful service to the Falkville community and surrounding area.  

In October the department responded to a total of 69 calls for service, which included 45 for EMS, seven for fires, 12 for motor vehicle incidents, one for search and rescue and four others.  

During the month the department also provided medical standby at Falkville High School football games.  

Members also celebrated firefighter Dylan Cody’s birthday and recognized firefighter Steven Gay for his one year of service with the department.  

The Falkville Fire and Rescue members enjoyed participating in Trunk or Treat Halloween activities along with the Falkville Police Department and the Town of Falkville.  

The Falkville department was also able to celebrate a goal the members set and achieved. As of Nov. 1 their volunteers achieved responding to 100 percent of calls for a whole year.  

The department needs your help. If you are interested in volunteering, they are accepting applications. For more information, you can message the department on Facebook, call 256-784-5009 or visit Station 1 at 22 Railroad Ave., Falkville. 

Area Community News 

The Morgan County commissioners, mayors and town clerks met Nov. 4 at JW’s Steakhouse in Priceville for their monthly meal and planning session. Priceville Mayor Sam Heflin presided at the session.