Morgan County Arrest Records Oct. 11-18 

Carrie Lane, 39, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Huerto Adolfo Cobos, 25, driving under the influence of controlled substance 

Bryan Keith Whitaker, 40, giving false name/address to law enforcement officer 

Lekendra Annechellyo Abrams, 25, public intoxication 

Edward Damar Johnson, 37, bond revoked 

Robert Jay Kolb, 35, warrant 

Cedric Darnelle Hall, 44, possession of marijuana, open container of alcohol in vehicle, driving under the influence, speeding 

Stetson Chase Wofford-McCoy, 29, public intoxication 

Daniel Lavaughn Wright, 38, failure to appear 

Jeffrey Patrick Patterson, 44, public intoxication 

Jason Michael Anello, 43, burglary, criminal mischief 

Caleb Reed Johnson, 25, public intoxication, failure to appear 

Billy Ray Edgil, 59, failure to appear, warrant 

Ashley Davis Compton, 39, bond revoked 

Chastity Beatrice Allred, 33, failure to appear 

Jaquae Yerez Sharpley, 32, failure to appear 

Shelton Aaron Obde Jenkins, 28, probation revocation, obstruction of justice 

Priscilla Renee Ware, 31, theft 

Bryan Keith Whitaker, 40, failure to appear 

Crystal Joetta Wayne, 39, warrant 

Tannah Davis Herchenhahn, 61, failure to appear, giving false name to law enforcement 

Sonya Woods, 50, possession of dangerous drugs 

Jimmy Lee Borden, 36, theft 

Mark Allen Hill, 54, failure to appear 

Rashod Martel Lampkin, 29, domestic violence 

Christopher Carnell Crayton, 47, public intoxication, trespass 

Billy Jones, 40, failure to appear 

Christopher Cody Brown, 33, failure to appear 

Angela Gail Terrell, 49, failure to appear 

Brandon David Whitt, 33, possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell/distribution  

Kenny Ray Gurley, 49, theft 

Scarlett M Peel, 43, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Kimberly Christine White, 26, warrant 

Bernardino Miranda, 40, public intoxication 

Kaitlyn Ashley Saint, 23, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Stanley Jermey Grier, 38, aggravated assault family-strong arm  

William Allan Malone, 37, failure to appear, possession of marijuana, failure to display insurance, obstructed windshield, driving while suspended, revoked or cancelled license 

Brandon Michael Balentine, 31, domestic violence 

Lewis Thomas Montgomery III, bond revoked 

Ashley Renee Crenshaw, 29, assault–chemical endangerment 

Austin Eugune Spargo, 27, public intoxication 

Dade Donavon Salcido, 20, failure to appear 

Frankie Edward Bannister, 34, obstruction–conditional release violation 

Courtney Lynn Self, 21, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Michael Vincent Koerber, 38, failure to appear 

Erin Denise Legg, 30, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Jordan Michael Edwards, 38, public intoxication, resisting arrest 

Thomas Lendon Parker Jr., failure to pay child support 

Kelvin Cornelius Birgans, 36, bond revoked 

Martina Denise Balker, 39, failure to appear 

Mark Allen Hill, 54, failure to appear 

Cinnamon Faye Rincon, 25, speeding, improper lane usage, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Tabitha Leann Clark, 22, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false name/address to law enforcement officer 

Jamie Dunn Sholar, 47, domestic violence 

Jonathan Victor Compton, 46, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of prescription drugs, failure to register vehicle 

Matthew Cameron Jordan, 38, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false name/address to law enforcement officer 

Chelsea Nicole Halbert, 29, contempt of court, failure to appear 

April Dawn Aycock, 46, illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Brandon Keith Dotson, 40, failure to appear 

Dena Michelle Riggs Cline, 47, promoting prison contraband, possession of dangerous drugs, failure to pay 

Broke Kimberly Hanvey, 33, warrant 

Heath Gene Swafford, 26, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Tonya Morris Mason, 57, domestic violence 

James Scott Hall, 49, warrant 

Billy Wayne Dial II, 27, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Caleb Justin Stidham, 22, probation violation 

Robert Keith Felton, 35, domestic violence, interference with a domestic violence emergency call 

Summers Tiara Zhane Smith, 26, bond revoked, public intoxication 

Chritopher Ryan McCulloch, 32, unlawful possession of k-2, wizard wee, spice, serenity 

Chandler Dewayne Riggs, 22, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, theft 

Stanley Sanderson Smith, 56, possession of dangerous drugs, driving without license, exceeding reasonable road speed 

Wade Allen Jones, 28, public intoxication, resisting arrest, harassment  

Victoria Mendoza, 37, trespass, shoplifting, obstruction–condition release violation 

Michael Earl Long, 41, tampering with physical evidence, illegal possession of prescription drugs, theft, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Darrys Torrail Burgess, 36, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, dangerous drugs 

Ruth Marie Butner, 33, driving while license suspended 

Wesley Donald Brown, 39, public intoxication 

Ricky Darrell Massengill, 41, possession of marijuana 

Matthew Allen Morris, 30, probation revocation, public intoxication 

Scotty Ray Dotson, 46, warrant 

Adrien Brandez Crayton, 28, probation violation 

Eunice May Puch, probation violation 

John Carlton Neeley Jr., warrant 

Michael Glenn Morgan, 30, warrant 

Tamara L. King, 26, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Mary Beth Briscoe, 72, failure to appear 

Blake Alexander Harris, 31, improper lane usage, failure to move over/to reduce speed when approaching law enforcement or emergency vehicles, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Bess Susan Maddox, 48, domestic violence 

Clarence Dlane Massey, 42, trespass 

Rayella Aundria Harris, 22, chemical endangerment 

Brett E. Johnston, assault with bodily fluids, harassment, public intoxication 

Veronica Aguirre, 43, illegal possession of prohibited liquor 

James Charles Brown, 57, attempting to elude a police officer, illegal possession of prohibited liquor, driving while suspended, revoked, or cancelled, failure/refusal to display insurance, no plainly visible tag, fail stop sign 

Amanda Lynn McClure, 44, obstruction governmental operations 

Brittney Lashae Ball, 34, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear 

Katelynn Bradford, 32, possession of dangerous drugs 

Dusty Carole Danielle Malone, 45, domestic violence 

Melissa Beth Nix, 39, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane usage 

Bruce Lane Roaden II, 49, sex offense, failure of adult sex offender to register with local law enforcement and/or comply with residence restrictions 

Kenneth Isaac McClain, 28, public intoxication 

Austin Ryan Hunt, 23, failure to register vehicle, open container of alcohol in vehicle, driving while license suspended, revoked, or cancelled, illegal possession of prescription drugs, possession of marijuana 

Calvin Lynn Finley, 44, trespass 

Aslan Grey Davis, 31, running a red light, driving under the influence of alcohol 

Teddy Rashad Johnson, 32, resisting arrest 

Terro Remee Precise, 39, failure to appear 

Ginny Marie Mitchell, 29, failure to appear, public intoxication 

Derrick Dewayne Brown, 52, improper lights, failure to immunize dog/cat for rabies, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Ashley Lashae Woods, 34, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Tammy Joy Harbin, 63, warrant 

Sarah Beth Gurganious, 24, failure to appear 

Tanequia Barnes, 28, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Marcus Dewayne Stollenwerck, 41, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 

Austin Dewayne Isbell, 20, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia 




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