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Books of the week of October 20

Special to the Enquirer

Title: “10 Spooky Pumpkins” 

Author and Illustrator: Gris Grimley 

Ages: 4-8 

Halloween is a special time of year. It’s full of spooky stories. This Halloween counting book is great for little ones. Children will learn how to count to 10 in a fun new way.  

Many of the classic Halloween characters are represented well, from witches and goblins to bats and ghosts. Gris Grimley’s illustrations are unique, making each character stand out.  

Children will love counting along the way with the whole family.  

The library has new holiday books waiting to be explored. Come check them out!  

Special to the Enquirer

Title: “Two Reasons to Run” 

Author: Colleen Coble 

 This is book two in the Pelican Harbor Series. It picks up just weeks after the first one ended.   

The betrayal by Reid and her father is still fresh to Police Chief Jane Hardy, and she has distanced herself from both. The only time she talks to Reid is when they are arranging time with their son, Will.   

When an employee from an oil rig is said to have jumped to his death, his mother goes straight to Jane with some disturbing evidence. Keith had sent his mother an email stating he had found out about some plans to attack the oil rig. He told her that if something happened to him, it was not an accident.   

Jane starts to investigate and soon receives a message to back off – or Will will pay.    

Jane and Reid decide to take Will to her dad’s house, which has an underground bunker with tons of security, but Will soon gets cabin fever and begs to go do something outside of the bunker. Reid talks Jane into taking some vacation days for a family trip, with a stop by the campground where her mother was last known to be staying.    

Jane agrees, and things are going pretty well – until they discover someone is following them and has broken into the RV.   

They take shelter at Reid’s grandparents’ house, only to be attacked in the night by the same person.   

This sends them back to Pelican Harbor to find the killer and put a stop to all the threats.   

Once they are back home, new evidence turns up, but Will is taken before Jane can follow up on any leads. Now Jane and Reid will move heaven and earth to get Will back safe.