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Books of the week of Oct. 13

Special to the Enquirer

Title: “Cross Her Heart” 

Author: Melinda Leigh 

This is the first book of the Bree Taggert series.   

Bree is a homicide detective in Philadelphia, just trying to forget the nightmares of her childhood. She and her two siblings were witnesses to her father’s abuse and eventual murder of their mother.   

Bree, being the oldest, has vowed to protect her siblings. So, when she gets a troubling voicemail from her sister Erin, she is concerned when she can’t reach her.   

Bree makes the trip back to her small childhood town and finds Erin has been murdered in her ex-husband’s house – and her ex, Justin, is missing.   

Matt Flynn is a former deputy and K-9 handler who found Erin’s body when he came to pick up Justin for his Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He believes Justin is innocent, despite all the evidence suggesting otherwise.   

The chief deputy allows Matt and Bree to help with the investigation, as long as they share all information with the police department. Bree is glad to have help but is wary of Matt’s canine partner. To top everything off, the father of Erin’s children is back in town, looking to get custody.   

Bree swears to her sister that she will find her killer and protect her children, “cross her heart.”   

Special to the Enquirer

Title: “Murder at Sunrise Lake” 

Author: Christine Feehan 

In the Sierra Nevada mountains, Stella Harrison is just a woman trying to find peace after major traumatic events. She finds that peace by running the Sunrise Lake resort. However, she keeps her co-workers – including the handyman, Sam – at arm’s length.  

This changes when she starts have premonitions in her sleep. She sees a mysterious person stalking and planning to kill the ones she loves.  

She must decide whether to hunt the killer herself or get help. Telling someone might make her grow close to them and give them an opportunity to learn about her past. Connect or remain distanced 

In her first standalone mystery novel, Feehan blends romance, thriller and mystery masterfully. Stella’s inner struggle to keep her past to herself is relatable; however, she learns that her “found family” supports and loves her.  

The path to finding the killer is dangerous and will keep you guessing.  

“Murder at Sunrise Lake” is a must-read for mystery lovers!