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Books of the week of Sept. 15


Title: “The Bookshop on the Shore” 

Author: Jenny Colgan 

 This is a follow-up to “The Bookshop on the Corner,” but these don’t have to be read in order.   

This book tells the story of a single mother living in London who is receiving no help from her ex-boyfriend Jaz. Their 4-year-old son, Hari, has selective mutism but seems happy.   

Zoe meets with Jaz’s sister, Surinder – from the first book – and she knows just the thing to help. Surinder’s best friend Nina is pregnant and will need someone to work her Bookmobile while she is on maternity leave. Nina also knows that of an au pair job that would provide room and board for her and Hari.   

The only thing is, the opportunity is in Scotland.   

Zoe is anxious about it, but it’s better than starving to death.   

As soon as they get to the house where they will be staying, Zoe has a bad feeling. The house is huge and has servants’ quarters. Even though it is huge, it’s also very out of date and needs a deep cleaning.   

When she meets the three children she will be in charge of, she is seriously wondering whether she has made a mistake.   

In the meantime, she has to figure out how she will be able to leave Hari at the horrible daycare in town while she is at her other job in the bookmobile.   

Despite the challenges, Zoe and Hari find themselves growing happier and healthier as the days go by.   

This book is a good blend of humor, love and overcoming serious obstacles.   

Title: “Dance with the Fae Prince” 

Author: Elise Kova 

Reading Level: Young Adult 

In this high-fantasy retelling of “Cinderella,” Katria is the daughter of a once-rich merchant. After his death, her stepmother Joyce treats her like an object.  

Katria does her best not to lose her spirit. Eventually, Joyce sells Katria and one of the last relics from her birthmother to the mysterious Lord Fenwood.  

The new life waiting for Katria is one fit for a queen. Her husband leaves her in peace and buys her anything she could ever want or need. The only catch is there are four rules she must never break; however, her life becomes interesting when she breaks all the rules. 

This book is the second in the Married to Magic series by Elise Kova. Following the national bestseller, “A Deal with the Elf King,” this book follows the ever-changing Fae kingdom. It is full of comedy, magic and romance. This is a must-read for fantasy romance readers!