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Books of the Week of September 8, 2021


Title: “Gone for Good”

Author: Joanna Schaffhausen

This is the first in a new series by this author.

Annalisa Vega is a detective in Chicago who has been assigned to investigate a murder that bears all the signs of being committed a serial killer resurfaced from 20 years ago. The Lovelorn Killer’s last victim before going underground was a family friend of Anna’s, and the murder happened at the Halloween party she attended.

Her childhood boyfriend, the victim’s son, has come back into town, and Annalisa has been stuck with her ex-husband as a partner on the case.

The newest victim is Grace Harper. Grace is an amateur sleuth who thinks she has uncovered a major detail the police missed. Before she can follow up on the clue, however, she is murdered by the very one she was trying to catch.

During the investigation, Annalisa starts to receive threatening phone calls from the killer, and he is getting too close for comfort. Now she has to solve this case once and for all before someone else she loves is hurt.

This mystery has surprises at the end that were unexpected!

Title: “This Time Next Year”

Author: Sophie Cousens

Minnie Cooper has a birthday twin, Quinn Hamilton – the first two babies born in the year 1990. Quinn was born just a few minutes before Minnie. He got the prize money and the good luck name to go with it, and Minnie blames Quinn for all her bad luck – and they’ve never even met.

Minnie unexpectedly meets Quinn at a New Year’s Eve party as the clock is ticking down to their 30th birthday. Quinn is charming and successful, and he seems to have it all together, which makes Minnie dislike him even more.

Minnie learns, however, there’s more to Quinn than meets the eye, as they keep bumping into each other.

Why do they keep having these chance encounters? And why are they both left wanting more each time? Come to the library and find out.