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City of Hartselle Recycling Collection Zones

City resumes recycling program  

By Staff Reports  

After more than a year since it was halted, the City of Hartselle will resume its curbside recycling program next month.  

Residents will have the option to participate in the program at no extra charge.  

“The City of Hartselle is pleased curbside recycling will be available to all our citizens again,” said Mayor Randy Garrison. “Many have shared concerns with me about not being able to recycle over the past year, and this was great news to share.  

“I hope everyone will follow the guidelines so this program can continue.” 

Only recyclable items are to be placed in the blue container, which include papers, plastics, carboard, aluminum and tin cans.  

Residents who do not have the blue containers from the Public Works Department can request them by calling the number department at 256-773-2643. Director Curtis Self said more containers have been ordered.  

Non-recyclable materials and household garbage should be placed in the brown container. Glass is not recyclable, nor are food-contaminated items.  

Additionally, residents are asked to not place any material other than grass, leaves, limbs and clippings in the green yard waste container. 

For more information, call Hartselle Public Works at 256-773-2643.