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Morgan County Schools to require masks beginning Monday   

Morgan County Schools will begin Monday requiring all students and staff to wear a face mask or covering, “in an effort to keep schools open,” according to a release from Superintendent Robert Elliot.  

Masks will be required in all buildings and on buses. Other mandates that took effect Monday include:  

  • Meetings will be required to be held virtually if a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained 
  • Desks in classrooms are required to either be 6-feet apart or separated by dividers.  

MCS will continue its COVID-19 policies that were previously in place in an effort to keep all students and staff safe, according to Elliot.  

Those policies include  

  • checking student temperatures at the beginning of each school day 
  • Isolation areas in the nurse area  
  • Weekly spray/fog disinfectant  
  • Limiting visitors in all school buildings throughout the school district  
  • Sanitizing stations throughout each building  

If the state issues any new mandates or requirements during the school year, Elliot said Morgan County Schools will comply.  

“If we continue to see our numbers (in the district) increase, additional precautions will be put into place to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and to keep our school campuses open,” he said.  

Unless extended, the mandates will be in effect until Sept. 10.