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Books of the week of August 18

Title: “One Little Lie” 

Author: Colleen Coble 

Genre: Christian romance/suspense 

This book is the first in a three-part Pelican Harbor series about Police Chief Jane Hardy.   

Jane has just been appointed interim chief in her father’s place, but before she has time to settle in, there are several murders in town, and her father is being arrested.   

To make matters more complicated, the mayor has called in Reid Dixon to do a documentary on the new small-town female police chief. Jane is forced to allow him to tag along with her to question people.   

Eventually they are working together to figure out how the murders – and a new kidnapping – might all be related.   

In between work and her strained relationship with her father, Jane is haunted by her past. She grew up in a cult, and when she was 15 years old, she had already been joined together with the man of the leader’s choosing and delivered their baby.   

On that night, there was a raid on the camp. Jane and her father barely escaped alive after being told the baby had died in the night.   

Can Jane forgive her mother for staying in the cult without them?  And what else will Jane be faced with when the lies start to come to light? 


Title: “The Man Ban” 

Author: Nicola Marsh 

Reading Level: Adult 


Harper Ryland Is a hard-working and detailed food stylist. She doesn’t have time to date because all her focus needs to be on work. Therefore, she has instituted a Man Ban on her life.  

She will not date, entertain or even flirt with anyone. That would just be a distraction.  

For just over a year, her Man Ban has worked wonderfully. However, this changes when she meets Manish Gomes. He and an impromptu prank push her in a direction she isn’t expecting. 

This book is a fast-paced contemporary romance. It is full of bad puns and corny jokes that will make every reader laugh.