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Books of the week July 19-23

Title: “Hooked on You”

Author: Kathleen Fuller

Riley McAllister has left small-town living behind for the excitement of the Big Apple. She is following her dreams of being a featured artist in a prestigious art gallery – but still failing to achieve it after nine years.

One day she gets a call from her grandmother, Erma, who raised her. Erma has broken her leg while sliding safely into third and now needs help getting around and running her yarn shop.

Riley packs and catches the next flight back to Maple Falls.

Since Riley will be leaving town again as soon as Erma gets better, she tries to avoid reconnecting with old acquaintances. Erma, however, has a plan to get Riley and Hayden, the town’s returning MLB star, together so Riley will decide to stay.

As Riley slowly lets her guard down, she gets closer to Hayden and also to some girls she knew from school.

All seems to be going well until Riley’s mother shows up and drops a family secret on Riley that sends her running.

This is a nice light read that reminds us of the importance of having a close-knit group of friends and that family is who you make it.


Title: “Second First Impressions”

Author: Sally Thorne

Reading Level: Adult

“Second First Impressions” follows the life of Ruth.

Ruth is the kind, rule-following manager of a retirement home of the rich elderly, called Providence. Her entire life revolves around Providence and its occupants.

Her simple life becomes complicated, however, when the new owner of Providence decides making his son work at the home will mature him. This isn’t the best plan.

Theodore and Ruth quickly find themselves stuck together. Will they find the common ground they keep walking around?

This book is perfect for readers who love romance and comedy. It is available in print and as an audiobook on the Libby app through the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle.